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The history of the development of creativity at the Minsk Tractor Works began in 1953, when the first club of the enterprise appeared. Tractor plant workers received an opportunity to attend interesting cultural events and participate in amateur art groups in their free time.  

A choir, a boys' choir, adult and children's theater groups, a dance ensemble «Lyavonikha», a children's dance ensemble «Lyanok» were created, and adult and then children's ballet groups of the studio «Ranitsa» appeared. The brass band was popular among visitors of the Palace of Culture. A children's art studio began its work. Amateur activities were developing in the workshops and departments of the plant.

There was a cinema hall in the Palace of Culture, the first movies about the plant, its workers, and participants in amateur performances appeared, which were created at their own film studio of the Palace of Culture. In May 1965, the creative team of the Palace of Culture moved to a new building. 

The modern MTW Palace of Culture is a center of cultural life of Minsk Tractor Works. Every year, dozens of concerts of popular pop artists and amateur groups, as well as cultural events dedicated to public holidays and significant dates are held on its stage. 

Since 2005, an annual amateur art competition among MTW employees «Sing, BELARUS» has been held. Every year New Year's performances are held for children with the participation of creative teams of the Palace of Culture.

Dance evenings called «Meeting», held on Saturdays and Sundays, are popular among city residents and MTW veterans.

Now there are 17 creative groups, clubs and studios in the Palace of Culture, in which MTW workers and their children have the opportunity to take part:

  • honored group of the Republic of Belarus, folk vocal ensemble «Bely Ptakh»;
  • honored amateur group of the Republic of Belarus, folk dance club «Mara»;
  • folk dance ensemble «Serpantine»;
  • оexemplary dance ensemble «Lyanok»;
  • exemplary studio of aesthetic development «Klyaksy»;
  • folk theater «Na Dolgom Brode»;
  • folk theater of variety miniatures «Carousel»;
  • pop vocal studio «Golos detstva»;
  • Сossack song and dance ensemble «Mame nravitsya»;
  • vocal ensemble «Air»;
  • indian dance studio «Indivara»;
  • rhythmic gymnastics studio «Gratsia»;
  • children's theater studio «Skazochniki»;
  • art studio;
  • guitar studio;
  • folk brass band.

Creative teams of the Palace of Culture conduct active concert activities, take part in events for employees of Minsk Tractor Works and other enterprises, festive concert programs of the Partizansky district of Minsk, republican and international competitions and festivals.

The MTW Palace of Culture provides services for organizing and holding concerts (including visiting ones), exhibitions, seminars, creative meetings, dialogue platforms, competitions, festivals, etc.
Orders to arrange cultural events can be made by phone+375(17)302-89-28 (group of organizing concert and touring activities) or by submitting an application to email: dkmtz1@tut.by 

Address: 24 Dolgobrodskaya Street, Minsk 220070, Republic of Belarus. 
Website: www.dkmtz.by