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The Quality Management System of Open Join Stock Company «Minsk Tractor Works» covers all spheres of the enterprise’s activity and is designed to ensure the manufacture and rendering of competitive products and services that meet the requirements and expectations of consumers and ensure stable financial position of the Holding. 

The ways to achieve this goal are represented in the Policy of the top management of OJSC «Minsk Tractor Works» and include:

  • System analysis of current and future customer requirements and expectations, and objective assessment of satisfaction with our products;

  • Establishing an effective supplier selection system based on legitimacy and mutually beneficial cooperation in accordance with developing business relationships;

  • Creation of positive environment, that promotes the commitment of every worker to the process of constant quality improvement of our products;

  • Systematic training of the personnel in the quality field, improvement of the employees’ professional competence;

  • Product quality planning on its development stage through the implementation of innovative methods, technical designing means and advanced technologies;

  • Managing product quality in the production process using quality assurance tools;

  • Compliance with legislative acts and applicable requirements;

  • Ensuring professional service of the manufactured products with the use of modern universal and specialized equipment and tools, IT-products, due to the high qualification of the technical personnel;

  • Information support of the processes for managing the quality indicators of products and service;

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of measures to improve product quality, aimed at preventing undesirable risks, as well as taking into account future needs and expectations of our consumers;

  • Improving the performance of the enterprise by improving its processes and implementing the principles of production systems: «Standardized work», «5S», «ТРМ», «SMED», «Stream Mapping», «Pull system», «Quality problem solving process», «System of Submission and Implementation of Improvement Proposals».

The Quality Management System of OJSC «Minsk Tractor Works» as applied to designing, production and servicing of the tractors, agricultural, forestry, mining and material handling vehicles, as well as construction, road and municipal-purpose products of the BELARUS trademark meets international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, National standard STB ISO 9001-2015, СТБ 16949-2018, which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

The products manufactured at the enterprise undergo mandatory certification tests in the testing center accredited by the accreditation systems of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation with the participation of representatives of the Certification authorities.

The Quality Management System of OJSC «MTW» also regulates the issues of quality assurance of purchased products. Relations with suppliers are based on cooperation, mutually beneficial approach and prompt problem solving.

In order to increase production volumes and expand sales markets, OJSC «MTW» makes targeted efforts to develop the existing service network and set up new service centers in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. On the basis of the enterprise, a Training Center was made, where the personnel who operate vehicles of BELARUS trademark are taught the design and rules of use and maintenance of the products.

The Quality Management System allows to manage all processes of production, sales and service of the manufactured vehicles, improve them and ensure continuous monitoring.