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According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, occupational safety management is a system of ensuring the safety of life and health of workers in the course of working practice, which includes legal, organizational, social-economic, technical, sanitary-hygienic, anti-epidemic, medical and preventive, rehabilitation and other measures and means.

The main objective of occupational safety measures is to reduce the risk of injury, development of occupational diseases, and to reduce the number of workplace accidents. The staff of Minsk Tractor Works is a team of specialists in which every employee takes care of compliance with occupational safety norms and rules in order not to harm their own life and health by their actions, and to protect the lives and health of other people.  

Company policy in the field of occupational safety

Labor safety is one of the main factors of social security of the company's employees and their families. The policy of the top management of OJSC «MTW» assumes the creation of healthy and safe working conditions by eliminating the causes of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, accidents and other incidents. 

To achieve the set goals, the top management of OJSC «MTW» undertakes the following obligations:
  • compliance with legislative and other occupational health and safety requirements, which apply to OJSC «MTW»
  • conducting continuous training and systematic advanced training of personnel on occupational safety and health issues
  • carrying out work to identify and eliminate dangerous and harmful production factors at workplaces, prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases
  • development and implementation of measures aimed at reducing risks in the field of occupational safety
  • constant improvement of the enterprise's labor safety management system by analyzing its effectiveness

Labor safety management system of OJSC «MTW»

Minsk Tractor Works became the first among the enterprises of the Ministry of Industry to implement and certify the Occupational Safety Management System (OSMS) for compliance with the requirements of the OHSAS18001 international standard, and since 2020 it has switched to the ISO 45001 standard. The effectiveness of the management system has been repeatedly confirmed by international auditors.

The labor safety management system implemented at MTW covers the entire structure of the company and provides for the implementation of decisions made both by managers at all levels and by executives. The OSMS allows ensuring control over the implementation of occupational safety measures, analysis of identified non-conformities and adoption of measures to eliminate them. Based on the obtained analytical data, the system is constantly updated, which, in turn, gives positive results in improving working conditions at the enterprise.

Thanks to the applied labor safety management system, OJSC «MTW» repeatedly became the winner and awardee in reviews-competitions for the best organization of occupational safety work, conducted by the Minsk City Executive Committee.

Ensuring labor safety at workplaces and off-site

Ensuring safe working conditions is a complex work that involves the entire team of the enterprise, from the General Director, managers of all levels, specialists, workers and employees to staff of other organizations whose activities can affect the safety of production.

In order to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks of the safety policy adopted at OJSC «MTW», each structural unit develops its occupational safety goals and methods of their achievement, designed to identify and minimize the risks which may affect the employees of the enterprise or other companies either performing work on the territory of Minsk Tractor Works, or using the labor of MTW specialists on their sites.

The enterprise is constantly working on technical re-equipment and modernization of production facilities; measures are developed and applied to protect workers from adverse effects identified during the certification of workplaces according to working conditions. Every year, efforts are made to implement the provisions set by the Occupational Safety Action Plan and other adopted programs aimed at ensuring labor safety.

Health protection of employees and their families

Prevention is the most effective and least expensive way of managing diseases, including occupational ones. In addition, a healthy lifestyle, which is actively promoted among employees and their families, plays an important role.

At Minsk Tractor Works, all conditions have been created to ensure the health of employees. In order to provide timely aid, 18 medical stations and 3 dental offices operate on the territory of the enterprise. 

The activities in the workers' health protection are coordinated by the Health Commission established at Minsk Tractor Works. The enterprise has adopted and is implementing an «Action Plan to Improve Working Conditions in Workplaces with Harmful and (or) Dangerous Working Conditions», as well as the annual «Health» program. Employees of OJSC «MTW» undergo seasonal vaccination against influenza and also have the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Preliminary (upon employment) and regular medical examinations of employees are organized at the MTW Healthcare Center (branch of OJSC «MTW» where the plant’s staff can receive a wide range of medical services.

The structure of the MTW Healthcare Center includes the Rudnya sanatorium, where the employees have the opportunity to take a rest with the whole family and, if necessary, undergo a rehabilitation program.

MTW also provides for the opportunity of children's summer recreation. Every year, health camps «Belarus» and «Optimist» host children of the company’s employees. And for physical training and fitness, there is a physical education and sports club «Traktor».