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Corruption in any form contradicts the principles of Open Joint Stock Company «Minsk Tractor Works». OJSC «MTW» declares its rejection of corruption in any form, adheres, regardless of the circumstances, to compliance with the anti-corruption legislation and ethical behavior in all types of business relations, ensures the implementation of standards, decision-making procedures, local legal acts aimed at preventing any manifestations of corruption both on behalf of and in relation to the company and its employees.

As part of the ongoing organizational and legal measures aimed at preventing and avoiding violations of anti-corruption legislation, and the causes and conditions that contribute to them, OJSC «MTW» and the subsidiaries of the MTW-HOLDING have developed and approved local regulations to improve the corporate culture of the joint-stock company, to implement and develop better corporate management practices, as well as standards of responsible business conduct.

OJSC «MTW» continuously monitors changes in the anti-corruption legislation and promptly informs all interested parties about the relevant changes and trends. The company monitors the effectiveness of the implementation of anti-corruption measures, controls their compliance and, if necessary, improves them.

OJSC «MTW» expresses its commitment to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility to the state, clients, partners, competitors and society as a whole.

Link to the «Anti-corruption» section on the website of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus (in Russian).