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Minsk Tractor Works is one of the leaders of the world agricultural machinery industry with a powerful technical and technological potential, with many years of experience in creating tractors and special-purpose machinery. The competitive advantage of the enterprise is its full-cycle production.

Heart of MTW

The tractor assembly shop is the «heart» of MTW. This common phrase hides deep meaning of production workflow taking place at the enterprise. All shops – the «organism» – work for the «heart» – the tractor assembly shop – to beat. Just like the tractor assembly shop works for the whole plant to live. Two assembly lines work in the tractor assembly shop. The first one assembles tractors over 100 h.p., the second one assembles tractors up to 100 h.p. The products are made by sub-assembly method.

In addition to the tractor assembly shop, a floor conveyor is located in the areas of mechanical assembly production, five shops of which manufacture parts and units for power-saturated BELARUS tractors with the capacity of more than 350 h.p.

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The keystone

Tractor production starts with the blank preparation shops – press, thermal, forging shops, foundries No. 1, 2 and 3, steel foundry and precision steel casting shop, as well as the cab shop.
By the way, the foundry shop of Minsk Tractor Works is the largest in the Republic of Belarus.

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Thousands of part types

Mechanical shops perform processing of parts. MTW has mechanical shops No.1, 2, 4, 5 and 7, as well as mechanical assembly shop No.3 and small series shop. In mechanical shop No.1 gearboxes are made, mechanical shop No.4 makes coupling clutches, mechanical shop No.3 makes front axles. These parts are sent to mechanical shop No.2, where transmissions are assembled.
At present, mechanical shop No.5 is technically equipped the best, though this does not mean that the other shops are stagnant in development: step-by-step modernization affects all the manufacturing stages.

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Everything is tested

When leaving the assembly line, small and medium-sized tractors are run-in at stastions No. 4 and No.7 of the tractor assembly shop. Power-saturated vehicles are tested at the Tractor Testing Center of MTW-HOLDING in Obchak village.

The complex of testing sites of the Tractor Testing Center consists of:
• four circular strenght test sites with a room for remote control of tractors under testing;
• roads with different turning circles with radius of 11 and 20 m;
• testing site with dynamometer fields;
• sites for determining lightening, visibility and turning radius;
• slopes with different incline grade;
• site with benches for determining protective properties of cabins.
More than 200 design engineers, engineering technicians and workers are involved in the preparation and performance of the tests.

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Final touch

After the equipment has been tested for compliance with all the declared specifications, it is delivered to the tractor finishing and painting shop. Here, the tractors are given the «ready-for-sale appearance»: facing, fenders, flaps are mounted, information plates are installed, etc.
Before the tractors are sent to the sales department, the tractors are accepted by the technical control department.
At the final stage, before shipment to the customer, the products are delivered to the preservation and packaging shop, that is, the warehouse of finished products. And then, BELARUS tractors start the way to their destination: under their own power, by rail, or by highways.

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Tractor as an idea

However, no production is possible without the team that «drives» the tractor to the assembly line.
The design department is the starting point for the journey of creating new vehicles and modernizing the existing models. Here, images of future products are created and the corporate identity of the company is formed.

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Think tank

Although an idea itself is of great value, it has no meaning without realization. The work of the specialists of the MTW Scientific and Technical Center precedes putting the tractors on the assembly line.
Scientific and Technical Center includes two departments of engineering and experimental works – No. 1 and No. 2. The first one designs wheeled tractors, the second one – special-purpose vehicles.
But a mere design is not enough. Manufacturing prototypes and small batches of new products is necessary in order to see in practice the product that is planned to be put into serial production. This is the job for pilot production shop No. 1 in DEEW-1, and for pilot shop No. 2 in DEEW-2.

Introducing technology in production

The organization of the production process is the responsibility of the experts at the Chief Production Engineer Department. It is the production engineers who can answer three questions: what do we produce? What materials do we use? What do we need for production? Minsk Tractor Works enjoys dictate of technology.

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