Training Center

The training center for technical and service maintenance of OJSC MTW provides training for users of the machinery manufactured by MTW in operational features, technical and service maintenance. Training is conducted mainly on the basis of OJSC MTW in specialized classrooms equipped with split models of tractors under study.

According to individual applications of consumer organizations, training can be conducted with the on-site visit of MTW specialists.

Since 2011, a distance learning system for tractor drivers (operators) has been introduced and is working. Going to the e-mail address, students have the opportunity to study a course of lectures on models of tractors they are interested in, to watch training videos, and at the end of each topic to take tests, checking the level of learning.

You can order the services of the MTW Training Center by:
Tel/Fax 8 (017) 398-87-15     

We would be grateful for your constructive suggestions for the improvement of educational materials.

Please send your suggestions to E-mail: or fax (017) 230 13 08