Service and Spare Parts

The current service network of MTW

High level of service - an important component in the promotion of machines in the markets. Acquiring tractor "Belarus", the consumer can be sure that during the whole period of operation, the company is ready to support its working condition. This fact raises the credibility of the manufacturer, which eventually became one of the good reasons to make a choice in favor of the machines of "Belarus".

The main objective of MTW - the satisfaction of our customers equipment as well as the expansion of technical services (dealer) centers.

The current service network MTW has more than 300 technical (dealer) centers in more than 50 countries and is constantly evolving and improving. Certified dealer (technical) holding centers provide pre-sale preparation, maintenance and repair of equipment during warranty and post-warranty periods.

At the moment certified technical (garage) centers according to the requirements and recommendations of the plant have:

  • service management warranty repair and restoration parts and units of tractors«Belarus»;
  • areas for testing and adjusting the fuel and hydraulic equipment, testing of diesel engines, gearbox and other tractor units;
  • warehouses of spare parts for the repair of tractors and separate storage backup fund, which periodically replenished;
  • classrooms for training specialists in the repair of tractors, which is also carried out training of machine operation and maintenance features of "Belarus" tractors.

Technical (dealership) center does not use in troubleshooting failures replacement parts purchased from third parties, in the absence of their respective certificates (quality, origin). MTW strongly recommends the use of original spare parts.

In order to better meet customer requirements and to support the work of the service network of high-level experts MTW carry out quality control warranty tractors technical (dealer) centers.