Our mission - to meet the needs of the market in quality and affordable variety of tractor equipment and machines, building productive capacity of the Republic of Belarus and the promotion of high-quality titles Belarusian worldwide.

We have become one of the world leaders in the production of agricultural machinery by following its own strict quality standards and continuous improvement of marketing activities. We closely follow the needs of the market and improving our products according to the wishes of consumers. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality modern appliances.

Own production and the breadth of markets impose on us a special responsibility: developing new optimal solutions, we confirm the stability of the Belarusian quality, known throughout the world, and to some extent acting as representatives of our country in the economic space. We maintain a high rank and socially oriented enterprise: not only adequately reward the best, but also maintain their own social infrastructure to meet diverse needs of our employees, thereby providing our specialists with good working conditions. Every day we strive to become even better, more modern, more technological to look ahead with confidence and ensure a decent future for their country!

Brand value


The high technical level of our products has been confirmed by international certificates and long representation on the markets of developed countries. Quality of Belarusian equipment tested by life itself and is now known throughout the world. Our task is not just to hold the declared bar but to raise it, justifying its name.


Tractor occupies a key position in providing scientific and technical progress in agricultural production. We are constantly looking for new ways to develop and optimal technical solutions to supply our customers a truly modern equipment that meets all the challenges of the time.


Proud of the flagship title of Belarusian industry, we are not just an industry leader in our country. «MTW» — is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. And we intend to not only maintain and strengthen our position, but also to continue the constant further development.

Highly qualified staff

These professionals working in our structure, work with full dedication and strive to continually improve their skills in order to meet the needs of industry and our customers. And the impetus for this is a worthy reward the best employees.

Import-substituting production

Active work on the creation of the structure of our own production of raw materials and components, enables a new level of not only our technical potential but also production potential of the entire country as a whole.


For maximum efficiency of the large enterprise today the development of new markets and development of commodity and service network are needed. Effective work with our partners is the key to achieving the goals and the guarantor of co-development.

Customer focus

We are constantly improving our products based on customer requirements. Our quality management system includes all areas of the plant, ranging from market research and gathering information about the desires and demands of the consumer to their full implementation.

Social orientation

We care about decent working conditions of our employees and support their own social infrastructure. The enterprise has medical and health institutions, trade and public catering, hostels and kindergartens, cultural and entertainment facilities.