For providing of MTW (Minsk tractor works) employees with hot meals 20 1881-seat canteens, 15 364-seat snackbars; an 80-seat restaurant; 3 128-seat proprietary network enterprises; 2 pancake houses, 2 pastry shops; 3 dellies, “Producty” (Продукты) and “Lakomka” (Лакомка) shops, “Pry Gastsintsy” (Прыгасцінцы) café and “Levsha” (Левша) company store are open.

A healthy diet is organized in the following canteens: the canteen of Cast house №2, the canteen of machine workshop №5, the canteen of machine workshop №6.

1946 is the year of the establishment of “Torgservice MTW”, a branch of OJSC “MTW”, when canteen № 44 was opened for the purpose of development of food service improvement at the tractor factory. Later the canteen was renamed Food service Combine.

The enterprise carries out the following activities:
  • food service;
  • retail sales;
  • operating and lending of peculiar property;
  • manufacturing of confectionary product.

The main aim of “Torgservice MTW”, a branch of OJSC “MTW” activity is satisfying the requirements and demand of OJSC “MTW” employees for food service to the fullest extent possible. Thereby the following events are delivered:

  • expanding the range of output products;
  • adoption of new service forms;
  • raising of hygiene production standards;
  • development of professional skills of the enterprise’s employees;
  • establishing, if possible, the lowest prices when selling the products to the tractor works employees;
  • adoption of advanced work experience.