Children's pre-school institutions

Today Minsk tractor works has

8 pre-school institutions (PI), attended by about 900 children.

142 teachers provide the process of education, training and development.

OJSC “MTW” kindergartens № 10, 152, 242 are the first in the Republic to participate in an international project “Development of children of early childhood (from 0 to 6 – 7)”. Parent education school (PI № 242), groups of short stay, adaptation groups (PI № 10), family club (PI № 155) organize work on creation of new educational models in cooperation with Preschool Education Center of National Institute of Education.

Rather promising, popular with parents preschool institutions have been established. The only specialized preschool institutions in the district sanatory preschool institution № 159, special preschool institution for children with severe articulation disorders № 231 are among them.

Two sanatory groups for frail and often and long ill children function at the premises of pre-school institution № 242. The preschool institution is equipped with good facilities for health improvement: health complex (a swimming pool with a water purifier, a heat chamber, a fitness facility), physiotherapeutic and massage rooms are open. A IT room is equipped to familiarize preschoolers with information technology.

The other preschool institutions of OJSC “MTW” major in artistic and aesthetic field (PI № 59, 155, 277), cognitive field (PI № 107), sports and recreation field (PI № 10, 242, 159)