Housing and utility services


There are 7 dormitories on the books of “MTW”. 3424 people live there, including 882 families and 829 children.

In each dormitory discussions with tenants are held on strictly defined plans.

There are various interest groups at the premises of the dormitories.

  • Dormitory № 1. Situated on Budennogo str. 17. Accommodates 361 people.
  • Dormitory № 3. Situated on Dolgobrodskaya str. 36. Accommodates 390 people.
  • Dormitory № 5. Situated on Klumova lane 9. Accommodates 337 people.
  • Dormitory № 6. Situated on Soltysa str. 201. Accommodates 644 people.
  • Dormitory № 8. Situated on Peredovaya str. 113, 113a, 115. Accommodates 200 people.
  • Dormitory № 9. Situated on O.Koshevogo str. 30. Accommodates 694 people.
  • Dormitory № 10. Situated on Malinina str. 28, buildings 1,2. Accommodates 1130 people.
Sports and recreation centre
  • Public bath house;
  • 2 de luxe class saunas (for 4 and 16 people);
  • Fitness facility;
  • Vertical turbo-solarium;
  • Billiards.
Sports and Physical club “Tractor”

Sports facilities of Sports and Physical club “Tractor” include:

  • A sports centre with 7 gym halls (fitness facility, game hall, OPC hall (overall physical condition hall), 2 table tennis halls, 2 wrestling halls) and 2 medical rehabilitation centers (saunas) with a capacity of 6 and 10 people;
  • A playing-field for hand games with volleyball, five-a-side and gorodki courts;
  • Cycling and ski facilities.

There are all the necessary sports equipment and outfit that are renewed regularly. The main clients of the club are the wokrs employees, who are provided with the service at a 50% discount.

The personnel of Sports and Physical club “Tractor” work hard on the organization of sports and recreation as well as mass sporting events at the enterprise. It includes carrying out sporting activities in workshops and departments of OJSC “MTW”, organizing and running competitions of All-season Spartakiada Games in 16 sports, individual championships and Cup competitions for prizes of the works trade union which have become traditional.

The main purpose of all the works competitions is to promote healthy lifestyle, involving as many workers as possible in athletics and sports.

In addition, MTW team participates in the whole competition program of district and city worker spartakiada games as well as in the republican and international spartakiada games among workers of automotive and agricultural machine-building enterprises. Also individual athletes and sports teams of our enterprise participate regularly in various competitions of city, republican and international scale.

At the premises of Sports and Physical club “Tractor” functions a Tourist club “Grenada” which has a long history (the club was founded in 1962) and a lot of experience in all kinds of sports and tourist multidiscipline competitions at all levels — from the competition on their own rally to republican ones. “Grenada” arranges annually hiking and mountain as well as water sports trips of various difficulty in different territories of CIS countries. At the moment, “Grenada” includes about 150 people of different generations of works tourists.