Minsk tractor works Palace of Culture

Republican Unitary Enterprise “Kultservis” of MTW Minsk tractor works Palace of Culture

Minsk tractor works Palace of Culture is the center of cultural life of Partizanskiy district of Minsk. Annual competitions and festivals are held here: festival of Cossack song “Gaida”, “Garmonіk zbіraye siabrou”, an international contest of duetts ”Songs uniting us”, a festival “Meeting friends” among various Minsk folk groups, an annual amateur talent contest among tractor works’ employees, children's competitions “Miss Knopochka” and “Bravo, kids!” and many others.

There are over twenty creative teams, clubs and studios for children and adults, on the basis of the Palace of Culture, many of them are honored, traditional and exemplary. They also many times participated in international exhibitions of Minsk tractor works products. MTW Palace of Culture teams perform active touring and creative activities aimed at popularizing the Belarusian national culture both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Every year various events are held on our stage for MTW employees, dedicated to New Year’s Day, March 8 and the works’ birthday.

For elderly people dance evenings of “the Meeting” club are arranged every weekend. The Palace of Culture is actively involved in the creative life of the city.

Creative teams of UE “Kultservis” MTW:
  1. Modern touch dancing studio "Mara", honored amateur team of the Republic of Belarus;
  2. Folk and pop dance company "Serpantin";
  3. Folk theatre "Na Dolgom brode";
  4. Folk Theatre of variety miniatures "Carusel";
  5. Folk brass Band;
  6. Folk music and dance ensemble "Viazanka";
  7. Exemplary ensemble "Lianok";
  8. Folk vocal ensemble "Bely Ptakh";
  9. Ensemble of folk singing "Zabava";
  10. Indian dance project group "Indivara";
  11. Original genre project group "Gratsiya";
  12. Recreational group for girls;
  13. Fine arts studio;
  14. Fine Arts hobby group for children;
  15. Break dance School;
  16. Youth Hip-Hop team;
  17. Aesthetic development school "Baby-club";
  18. Children's pop studio "Kliaksy";
  19. Early intellectual development school "Vseznamus";
  20. Guitar training courses;
  21. Theatre of oriental dance "Monako";
  22. Pop singing "ART-vocal";
  23. Children's pop singing team "Muzykalny nuans";
  24. Folk dance ensemble "Igritsa";
  25. Break dance team;
  26. Billiard room.
The history of Minsk tractor works Palace of Culture

They have always paid a lot of attention to the development of the social sphere at Minsk tractor works. The first club appeared in 1953. Alimov Nikolai Ivanovich, a specialist in club work, a graduate of Moscow Higher School of trade union, was appointed its director.

A team of excellent specialists, cultural activities organizers, wedded to their profession, gradually began to form. Tractor works’ employees got an opportunity to relax in spare time and engage in creative work in amateur talent groups, headed by talented leaders.

A choir chapel appeared headed by Rogovich Vladimir Iosifovich, a student G.R. Shyrma. Later he created a boys' choir, which received a great appreciation and popularity among the audience.

Andrey Mamontov has created large adult and children's chapels.

Adult and then children's theater groups appeared under the leadership of a talented director Beliayev Aleksey Nikolayevich. The viewers saw wonderful performances “The Snow Queen”, “Chippolino”, “The Tale of the Dead Princess”, etc. Ivan Artemyevich Serikov organized a dance project group.

Soon folk dance admirers got a talented leader Nikolai Nikolaevich Chistiakov, a master of folk dance, choreographer and artistic director of the dance ensemble “Liavonikha”. His wife Galina Chistiaakova organized the children's dance ensemble “Lianok” in 1958.

An adult and then children’s ballet companies appeared — project group “Ranitsa”, which were headed by the ballet dancer Kurilina Brungilda Ivanovna.

Brass band organized by Chernyshov Nikolay Gavrilovich in 1948 was very popular with visitors of the Palace of Culture. Nikolay Gavrilovich was replaced by Sorokin Oleg Fedorovich, who also organized the band at the works.

First films on the works, its toilers, and amateur talent group participants appeared which were created in the film studio of the Palace of Culture. The film studio was headed by Nedbaylo Nikolay Nikolayevich, a veteran of GPW. The films were shown in the Palace of Culture. This work was conducted by Krylov Vladimir Mikhaylovich, a veteran of GPW. Children’s fine arts studio, a sewing project group were open. A vast creative activity of the Palace of Culture is the result of effort and care of directors, Alimov’s successors — N.I. Baranov, A.S. Konyshev, E.I. Milshin. A lot of different events were held in the Palace of Culture: evening parties, meetings, lectures, concerts, etc. Amateur talent activities developed in workshops and departments of the works. Costume designers of the Palace of Culture Anna Matveyevna Ivanova and Anna Vasilyevna Kabanova sewed costumes and dressed actors themselves, an artist Nepsha Nikolay Osipovich was responsible for the artistic design of the events.

In May 1965, a numerous creative team of the Palace of Culture moved into new Palace’s building, where the first holiday celebrated was the 20th birthday of MTW.

New creative teams appeared in the new Palace. Kats Max Samuilovich and his wife, assistant and successor Lazareva Lidia Petrovna opened a ballroom dance project group “Mara”. MTW museum was opened; adult and children's library continued functioning in the new halls.

Showing of films continued in a separate hall of “Voskhod” cinema.

A music workshop was opened.

The team of the Palace of Culture was renewed and expanded, the following new employees appeared: Deputy Director Bessmertny Lev Vladimirovich, Skripnichenko Valeriy Stepanovich — political and educational department (in 1975 was appointed Director of the Palace of Culture), Savelyeva Julia Yakovlevna — children's department, Meshchanchuk Nadezhda Prokofievna — department of technical creativity (in 1982 was appointed Director of “Voskhod” cinema at the Palace of Culture). In 1974 another theatre appeared — a theatre of variety miniatures “Carusel” headed by Anatoly Andreyevich Koriakovsky

The team of the Palace of Culture has always headed the list among similar institutions in Minsk. Despite the difficulties in the years of perestroika, the Palace of Culture managed to retain its amateur talent groups. And this credit is due to the Director Skripnichenko V.S., artistic director of the Palace of Culture Yaroshina N.E., deputy director Savelieva Yu.Ya. and Umnaya N.V. Tushinsky Leonid Nikolayevich, who succeeded Skripnichenko V.S. as director of the Palace of Culture has done great work on the improvement of its activities.

In 2000, the structure of the Palace of Culture changed. The Palace of Culture became unitary enterprise “Kultservis” of Minsk tractor works. Today, Kiruta Vladimir Ivanovich works as Director of MTW Palace of Culture. Mikhelson Tamara Mikhailovna is Deputy Director. Concert and entertainment departments engage in activities in the Palace of Culture. They arrange creative events for residents of Partizanski district and Minsk

The library continues functioning.

In 2011, a billiard room “Tractor” was opened at the Palace of Culture.

An MTW amateur talent contest is held annually on stage of the Palace of Culture, where the works’ employees can show all their talents. Large international festivals such as the Festival of accordionists, the Festival of Cossack song "Gaida", the Contest of duets are held. Dance evenings "the Meeting" are open for all who are young at heart from October to May every weekend. New-Year’s performances are held for children annually.

Modern touch dancing studio “Mara”, honored amateur team of the Republic of Belarus; Creative teams also continue functioning. Along with new teams “old-timers” of the Palace of Culture continue functioning: touch dancing studio “Mara”, dance ensemble “Lianok”, pop dance ensemble “Serpantin”, “Na Dolgom brode” and “Carusel” theatres, fine arts studio, brass band. Every year, hundreds of children and adults join the united creative family of MTW Palace of Culture.

Contact information:

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