Quality Management System

The quality management system of the Open Joint Stock Company “Minsk tractor works” covers all the works’ areas of activities, ranging from market research and information acquisition about the desires and demands of the consumer, to their full accomplishment. The quality management system allows to manage life cycle processes of product manufacturing, improve them and provide steady monitoring.

The main goal of our company is to increase customer satisfaction with the products and company services.

To achieve this goal:

  • compliance of quality management system of the company with requirements of STB ISO 9001, ISO 9001 is maintained, and its efficiency is constantly increased;
  • the satisfaction of customers and other parties concerned is increased;
  • modern methods of study and research of tractor machinery world markets are used, new market outlets are developed, and commodity distribution and service network is improved;
  • products, their quality and reliability are improved;
  • compliance of new tractor machinery innovations with world requirements is observed, taking into account climatic characteristics of the markets to which the products are supplied;
  • the production is modernized, technological processes are improved, the use of modern technological equipment is expanded and the level of technological preparation of production is increased.

An analysis of quality management system is regularly performed by the authorities to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness, as well as the opportunity for improvement and need for changes to the quality management system are evaluated, including the quality policy and quality objectives. OJSC “MTW” is constantly working to enhance the prestige and attractiveness of tractors with the brand of “Belarus” through introducing measures to improve the quality and competitiveness, technical level, reliability and service.

These measures include:

  • elimination of inconsistencies identified in the production;
  • improving reliability and technological level of products;
  • improving manufacturing technology and quality control of parts and assemblies;
  • meeting the demands of customers and maintenance of the products.

Implementation of the activities helps to reduce losses due to spoilage and reduce the number of failures in the operation of tractors.

Increasing the production of tractor machinery, expansion of its market outlets is impossible without high-quality after-sales service. Considering this, OJSC “MTW” works purposefully on the development of the existing maintenance network and the creation of new service centers both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Service centers provide equipment maintenance during warranty and post-warranty periods of operation, and Training Center established on the basis of OJSC “MTW” trains operating the equipment personnel its device, the rules of operation and maintenance.

The products manufactured at the enterprise (tractors. agricultural, forest, mining, loading-and-unloading machines, products of construction, road and municipal machine building with the brand name “Belarus”) undergo obligatory certification and homologation. Certification tests are carried out at the test center “Tractor” accredited by accreditation systems of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation with the participation of Certification Authority representatives.

OJSC “MTW” received compliance certificates:

Download - Conformity Certificate, ISO 9001:2015, Conformity Certificate 16949-2018

OJSC “MTW” is the winner of numerous competitions in the field of quality (“Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus”, “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus in the market of Russian Federation” etc.).

The company's authorities and quality department are making every effort to develop and improve the quality management system, which will certainly have a positive impact on the meeting of consumers’ expectations and their needs.