Renovation of special machinery

14 january 2020

The plans of the enterprise for 2020 are announced.

In 2020 in the light of the adopted development strategy up to 2030 and namely the division devoted to special machinery, the employees of the Board of development and experimental works No2 continue creation and modernization of the machines for other spheres of economy. The plans are to present new generation of forestry machinery. Forwarders, harvesters and other machines, intended for the use in forestry, were developed at MTW in 2000 and today they need upgrading. It will first of all touch upon computerization of control systems, which will facilitate the work of the operator and search of malfunctions, as well as application of hydrostatic transmissions, the availability of which ensures smooth stepless speed control and comfort in operation, which is very important for forestry machinery.

“At the same time we plan the creation of a new municipal machine”, - the chief designer of machinery of the holding “MTW-HOLDING” Valdimir Korobkin confided.


We recall, that such special machinery – municipal chassis – the holding has. However Ш-406 operates on diesel fuel, and municipal services already today change over to the use of exceptionally ecological machines. In close perspective internal combustion engine will be prohibited in the city. That is why new municipal chassis, which they intend to design at MTW, will be fully electrified. In the future it will become base for the development of the machinery for the cities – machines for services, repair, winter and summer road maintenance, construction and others.

Also the improvement of crawler tractors of our brand will continue. We recall, that today “MTW-HOLDING” produces three types of them – land-reclamation, construction and agricultural. The latter is planned to be manufactured with electrical transmission. Its use allows to considerably safe fuel and makes machine operation more comfortable.

The chief designer notes: for the coming year the specialists of BDEW-No2 set serious goals – to begin the renovation of all line of manufactured special machinery. The task is to make it innovative, based on new principals, providing in such a way reserve for a more distant prospect.