11 october 2019

In November, at the Hannover exhibition, MTW will reveal a new tractor family

At the largest exhibition area in Europe, Minsk Tractor Works will declare the beginning of a new milestone in its history. The exposition aims at announcing the company’s intentions and, at the same time, reminding of achievements of the past.


The enterprise will reveal a prototype of a new tractor at AGRITECHICA-2019, as well as series vehicles modernized to the modern level. In total, MTW will demonstrate six exhibits.

Prototype BELARUS-742 is a new vision for the legendary MTZ-50 and MTZ-80. In the future, it will be BELARUS-742 that will form the basis for creation of a new Belarusian tractor family with the capacity from 50 to 75 horsepower, which will be in line with the new tractor-building trends. This model complies with the latest European environmental requirements of Stage V.


MTW is planning to present the small series tractor BELARUS-622 in its special configuration for ski trails. The factory also indents to highlight this vehicle’s ability to be employed for municipal, forestry and snow-cleaning works.

BELARUS-923 will appear in modernized form and equipped with an engine that complies with European environmental standard Stage V.

The exposition will be completed with another three tractor models, BELARUS 952, 1220 and 1523.


The styling of the booth and the new design of the equipment will inherit the family features of premium-class Belarusian export tractors of the 70-80s of the last century. Color “genes” of iconic tractors were taken as a basis, and then restyled with a hint of future design. This applies not only to the color, but also to the shape.

The concept of new BELARUS tractor family presented at the exhibition will send a clear message: the age of pioneers for Minsk Tractor Works is still there!

We invite you to visit our booth 05А28 from 10 to 16 of November, 2019.

Exhibition address: Germany, Hannover.