15 november 2019

Minsk Tractor Works is presenting new developments at the Agritechnica-2019 exhibition in Hanover.

From 10th to 16th of November 2019 Minsk Tractor Works is presenting new developments at the Agritechnica-2019 exhibition in Hanover, the largest and most significant exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment worldwide.

The presented models are medium-power BELARUS tractors designed and built to meet the needs of the European market. In contrast to the previously produced series models, the novelties demonstrate increased comfort, higher rated power and mobility, provided that the dimensions are reduced, and also comply with the latest environmental requirements of the European Union.

One of the main distinctive features of new machines is the design. A new step in the 73-year history of the development of the plant and its products was marked by a return to the classical colorographic solution, which is directly associated with world-famous high-quality and affordable tractors under the BELARUS brand. DNA of the iconic models of Belarusian tractors arouses delight and respect among numerous stand visitors familiar with the history of MTW machinery.

The plans of the enterprise include segmentation and allocation of separate groups of machinery according to a number of parameters. New products are not just a redesign and a refinement of the previous models, but it is a rethinking of the history, improvement of quality and comfort of use.


BELARUS-742.7 is the first tractor in the new line of BELARUS machines.

The tractor is primarily focused on the EU market. It comes with a 75 h.p. CATERPILLAR C2.2 engine, meeting the environmental requirements of Stage V without the use of Ad Blue, which can significantly reduce the cost of operation. The basic transmission variant is a synchromesh 12x12 transmission with a synchromesh reverse gear. On request, 24x24, 24x12 options are available, both synchromesh and with Power Reverse and Power Hi-low. Lifting capacity of the rear lift linkage makes 2600kg. The rear PTO operates in 540/540e modes. The 540e efficiency mode provides optimal operation with a tiller. The front lift linkage of a 1000 kg carrying capacity with a front PTO allows to perform 2 or more technological operations through a single pass. The tractor cabin is equipped with an air conditioner, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors. Controls of the hydraulic system, power take-off shafts, front axle engagement are electronic, which makes operation of the machines more comfortable and more efficient.

923-1_новый размер.jpg

BELARUS-923.7 is a tractor with a 95 h.p. Caterpillar C3.6 engine that meets the environmental requirements of Stage V. This model has undergone a thorough modernization of the transmission, as a result of which its consumer properties and reliability have been improved. The design of the FDA drive has been optimized, the electro-hydraulic actuation system provides FDA automatic engagement during braking. A synchromesh reverse reduction gear is installed on the tractor due to which the number of speeds has been increased to 14x12. The close-together arrangement of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system in the engine compartment facilitates installation of a front loader and implements. The tractor design provides for the installation of the front lift linkage and the front PTO, as well as the electro-hydraulic control system for the lift linkage with a wide range of additional functions that facilitate operator’s work with tillage implements. The cab provides superior comfort, being equipped with an air conditioning system and a radio recorder. The operator’s seat can optionally have air suspension.

952-1_новый размер.jpg

BELARUS-952.6 is a revision of the 952 tractor model, adapted to comply with the requirements of European technical regulation 167/2013. The engine by Minsk Motor Plant with a capacity of 95 h.p. meets Stage-IV environmental standard. The synchromesh transmission with a step-down reduction gear and a reverse gear provides 12 speeds for reverse motion. Components from more powerful models are used in the tractor transmission: a disk-type PTO and an FDA drive, which ensures their exceptional reliability and long life. The hydraulic system with a draft, position and mixed methods of tillage depth regulation provides an optimum lifting capacity of 4200 kg. Tractor working lights have been upgraded to LED. Mirrors are heated and electrically adjustable.

1220-3_новый размер.jpg

BELARUS-1220.7 is the most powerful tractor in BELARUS 4-cylinder engine tractor line. The 122 horse powers delivered by the Caterpillar C3.6 (Stage V) engine along with a tractor compact size are a heavy argument for a customer. Thanks to this combination, the tractor can be effectively used both for inter-row cultivation, and for the main tillage, as well as for transportation work. Like the other BELARUS models presented at the exhibition, the tractor has been adapted for the European market. Taking into account customer requirements, the tractor provides a wide range of optional equipment: a front lift linkage with a power take-off shaft, a combined pneumatic drive of trailer brakes, a wheel-twinning kit.

1523-1_новый размер.jpg

155 h.p. BELARUS-1523 tractor is currently one of the most popular models on the German market, comes with a set of additional options and improvements, such as an extended operating temperature range (from -40 to +50°С), a high-comfort cab (panoramic energy-efficient insulated windows, air conditioner, ergonomic air suspension seat, radio recorder). The tractor has a variable-speed hydraulic pump, a 4-section hydraulic distributor, and a larger hydraulic system. Such hydraulic system options allow to reduce fuel consumption, to increase capabilities of implement attachment, to lower oil temperature. A Full Powershift gearbox allows to shift gears without loss of power flow.

622-1_новый размер.jpg

BELARUS-622MSU (a snow-grooming machine). This special-purpose machine is designed to operate at sports facilities for the treatment of ski trails. The machine is built on the basis of the BELARUS-622 tractor with a 62.5 h.p. LOMBARDINI engine and with special wide low-pressure tires. The installation of such wheels allows to perform the whole range of operations for the treatment of ski trails in rough terrain and deep snow. A front blade allows to form a flat surface, and a rear mounted rotary tool is designed to mix and crush packed snow. A trail layer installed behind the rotary tool is intended for immediate trail formation. All of these operations are performed through one pass. At the same time the tractor can be equally used in public works and in agriculture in summer, provided wheels are replaced with standard ones.

To ensure maximum efficiency and comfortable operation, all tractors can be equipped with precision farming systems.