Tractors are intended for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and implements, for hauling operations.
BELARUS-512 tractor with front drive axle.
BELARUS-512.1 tractor with power steering.
BELARUS-512.2 tractor with hydrostatic steering.
Environmental standard Stage 0.

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Model D-244
Power, kW (h.p.) 42 (57)
Wheel arrangement 4х2/4х4
  • Technical characteristics
Type diesel engine with direct fuel injection, without turbocharger
Model D-244
Power, kW (h.p.) 42 (57)
Crankshaft rated speed, rpm 1700
Number of cylinders, pcs. 4
Displacement, l 4,75
Maximum torque, Nm 271
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kWh 235
Factor of torque backup, % 15
Fuel tank capacity, l 130
Clutch dry, single-disk
Gearbox mechanical, fixed ratio
Number of gears: forward/reverse 9/2 (on order - 18/4)
Travel speed: forward/reverse, km/h 1,44-26,5/3,18-7,1
Rear PTO:
continuous I, rpm 540
continuous II, rpm 1000
ground-speed I, rev/m of travel 3,4
Hydraulic lift linkage
Versatile, remote-cylinder with height control , optional – with draft and position control of soil cultivation depth
Lifting capacity at suspension point, kg3200
Maximum pressure, MPa 20
Pump performance,l/min 45
Hydraulic system capacity, l 21
Dimensions and weight
Overall length, mm 3815/3930
Width, mm 1970
Height to cabin top, mm 2190
Track, mm:
front wheels 1350-1850
rear wheels 1400-2100
Agrotechnical clearance, mm 590
Least turning radius, m 4,1
Operating weight, kg 3430/3640
Fordable depth, m 0,85
Tire sizes:
front wheels 9,0-20/11,2-20
rear wheels 15,5R38
Wheel arrangement 4х2/4х4
Specificity of the model

Tractor for countries with hot climates.

Additional options
  • TSU-2 tow hitch (hydraulic hook);
  • Combined trailing appliance (pendulum and hydraulic hook);
  • Rear wheel ballast weights;
  • Front ballast weights;
  • Fast-coupling cutoff clutches;
  • Hitch hoses.
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