Mini Tractor, Smorgon Assemblies Plant

The mini tractor “BELARUS 112N-01” is an improved model of the small tractor “BELARUS 132N” and is intended for agricultural operations on small contour land plots, for primary and pre-sowing tillage, sowing and mowing grass, row cultivation in rowspacing coupled with mounted and trailed machines and mplements, for various work in utilities and industry.

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Model, petrol GX390 (HONDA)
Power, kW (h.p.) 8,7 (11,8)
  • Technical characteristics
Type petrol, А-92
Model GX390 (HONDA)
Power, kW (h.p.) 8,7 (11,8)
Number of cylinders, pcs. 1
Specific fuel consumption at operating power, g/kWh 313
Clutch multi-disc working in oil
Gearbox step, mechanical
Number of gears: forward/reverse 4/3
Travel speed: forward/reverse, km/h 2,96 - 18,46/4,03 - 13,47
Dimensions and weight
Overall length, mm 2500
Width, mm 1000
Height, mm 2000
Track, mm 600, 700, 840
Agrotechnical clearance, mm 295
Least turning radius, m 2,5
Weight, kg 570
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Specificity of the model

All-wheel drive 4x4; Front axle lock; Frameless structure (articulated swivel block), adds to tractor mobility; Rear hydraulic lift linkage; Hydraulic power steering; Two-speed power takeoff shaft allows to use the tractor to drive different mechanisms and units; Can attach a wide range of implements.

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