The tractor is designed for various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and wailed machines and implements, for transport operations.

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Capacity 122,4/90,0 h.p/kW
Axle arrangement 4К4
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8 (24/12)
Selective gear synchronized
  • Technical characteristics
Type diesel with turbocharging and aftercooling
Capacity, h.p/kW 122,4/90,0
Brand mark D-245.2S2
Ecological standard Stage II
Fuel use, g/(kW·h) 254,0+12,5(-5,1)
Torque capacity, Н·m2 490
Transmission system
Selective gear synchronized, fixed-ratio, 4-range
Flywheel clutch dry, double-disk, spring-loaded
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8 (24/12)
Back PTO shaft, min-1 540/1000

Rear axle differential lock: with electrohydraulic control, three operating modes (disengaged; lock engaged with automatic disengagement when fmnt wheels turn more than 13 degree; forced engaged).

Hydraulic hitch system: unit-principle with hydraulic lift, providing draft, position, combined and height position control of implements.

Load-carrying capacity of back suspension gear on suspension axis, kg, minimum 4200
Full scale pressure, MPa 20-2
Pump displacement at nominal speed of diesel crankshaft, l/min, minimum 56
Hydraulics reservoir capacity, l 28,5 ± 0,5
Type wheeled
Axle arrangement 4К4
front 14,9R24; 420/70R24
back 16.9R38; 18,4R38
Other specifications
Maximum weight, kg 8000
Climatic modification У1,Т1
Minimum and maximum speed FWD/BWD, km/h Min 2,19/2,8; Max 40,0/18,60
Specificity of the model

Transmission with pressure-lubricating system, front driving axle with planetary spur reduction gears, power take-off shaft with hydraulically tightening disks. Diesel engine complies with Stage II ecological requirements according to emissions of hazardous substances.

Additional options
  • Mechanical, synchronized gearbox (24/12);
  • Air conditioner;
  • Brakes operating in oil reservoir;
  • Double-wire pneumatic drive;
  • Reducing gear;
  • Set for dual rear wheels;
  • Additional seat.
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