Chipping machine

BELARUS MR-100 chipping machine is designed for production of chip fuel out of round and split wood, low-grade wood, waste of lumber and woodworking at final terminal, which generally serves as a depot for fertile materials preparation for Co-generation plant, operated on wood chips.

Manufacturer. JSC "Mozyr Machine Works"

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Capacity 223 kW (303 h.p.)
Nominal sizes of a reception window of the rubilny unit (width/height) 990/420 mm
Spill productivity 100 m³/h
  • Technical characteristics
Type Hook-on on the monoaxial semi-trailer
Drive From the independent diesel engine
Power machine Tractor «BELARUS» ТR 1221
Productivity, m3/h, minimum 100
Operated weight, kg 20450
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 11600/2450/3650
The greatest admissible speed of the movement, km/h 30
Axle arrangement 4К4+4КО
Engine Deutz BF06M1013FC
4-stroke, diesel, six-cylinder liquid cooling, with direct injection of fuel, with a turbo-supercharging and intermediate cooling of naduvochny air
Capacity, kW (h.p.) 223 (303)
Manipulator load moment, kN-m 45
Maximum boom of the manipulator, m, minimum 8,5
Model of the rubilny unit Jenz HEM 420 R
Nominal sizes of a reception window of the rubilny unit (width/height), mm 990/420