Load-haul-dump forestry vehicle

"Belarus" MPT-461.1 load-haul-dump forestry vehicle is designed for collecting, loading and transporting of assortments to loading bays and directly to the consumer.

Manufacturer: "Mozyr Machine Works".

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Capacity 60 kW (82 h.p.)
Load-carrying capacity 9000 kg
Selective gear Mechanical
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/4
Operated weight 8950 kg
  • Technical characteristics
Type two-element, consisting of power machine and semi-trailer
Operated weight, kg 8950
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 10600/2200/3200
Productivity (at assortment technology of preparation of wood and transportation of assortments on distance to 300 m), m3/h, minimum 7
Axle arrangement 4К4 + 4КО
Power machine Forestry tractor «BELARUS» L82.2-02
Engine ММЗ Д-243 (Д-243S), 4-stroke, diesel, four-cylinder
Capacity, kW (h.p.) 60 (82)
Flywheel clutch dry, single-disk
Selective gear Mechanical, step-by-step, range
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/4
Semi-trailer model «BELARUS» PL-9
Cargo platform welded with the moved protection in forward part and horsemen
Load-carrying capacity, kg, maximum 9000
Transported assortments length, m 2, 4, 6
Manipulator GM-42
the Greatest cargo lifting moment of the hydraulic manipulator (net / gross), kN · m 31/42
hydraulic manipulator Loading capacity on the maximum departure, kg 460
Max boom extension, m 5,5
Naibolshaya Square of conditional section of tick-borne capture, m2 0,16
the Greatest admissible speeds of the movement, km/h
on roads with a covering asphalt concrete or equivalent to it 25
on forest roads 10