Plough PKMP-3-40Р

The 3rd case hinged
Plough PKMP-3-40Р

The plow of PKMP-3-40R is intended for processing old arable, is weak also the srednekamenistykh of soils with a specific resistance up to 0,1 MPas (1,0 kgfs/cm), and plowed land up to 25 cm in depth. A plow work at all types of soils with humidity of the processed layer
to 25%. Height of an eddish and herbage
to 25 cm.
Plow are aggregated with class 1.4 tractors — MTZ-80/82, MTZ-100, with a tractor 1400 track width – 1600 mm.

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  • Technical characteristics
Working width of capture of the case, cm 40
Working width of capture of a plow, mm 1200
Working speed of the movement, km/h 9
Depth of a plowed land, cm до 27
Productivity in 1 hour of the main time, hectare/hour 0,9 – 1,1
Overall dimensions
Length, mm 3390
Width, mm 1780
Height, mm 1500
Weight, kg /td> 680