The President visited agricultural workshop “Gaina” of Minsk Tractor Works and assessed the work of experimental tractor

10 april 2019

The visit took place in the frameworks of working trip of the head of the State to Logoisk district of Minsk region.

Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted with the course of spring field work in the district and visited several “sponsored” farms, including the agricultural workshop of Minsk Tractor Works, on the territory of which the company built a modern dairy farm for 777 cows of dairy herd.

The 777 dairy farm consists of two barns, a milking unit with a mini-boiler house, buildings for keeping dry cows and heifers, a calf house and a canopy for calves. There are hay and silage trenches, manure depots, two wells, a water tower – in short, everything that is necessary for a modern closed-cycle farm. The farm is only an intermediate stage in the construction of a large commercial-dairy concern. In the future, a granary and a small feed mill will appear here.

As a result of the visit to ACW “Gaina” President ordered Minsk Tractor Works to take under patronage some more lagging farms.



“In Logoisk, for example, he says there are two farms that will need help. Well, they will not make it. I do not say that a lot of money will be needed from you. We need management from you there. So that you, as a cultured person, come, and as here, fence the farm, so that dogs won’t run. Drunk tractor drivers won’t go just anywhere. You put in order the engine yard (well, this is your own). You fence off other farms, if, say, there is a collective farm of some kind, ” the newspaper “ Belarus Today ” quotes Alexander Lukashenko.


A lot depends on machinery in agriculture. Minsk Tractor Works is constantly modernizing and improving the line of available tractors and is working on creation of unique machinery, which will be most useful for an agrarian. One of such machines is being tested these days in Logoisk district – this is a unique development of MTW, tractor prototype with electromechanical transmission.


As the Chief Designer of MTW Nikolai Zezetko noted in the conversation with the President, tractor BELARUS-3023 is simpler and cheaper to maintain. Truth to be told, certain units to this machine are still foreign. Aleksander Lukashenko instructed to study the possibility of new machinery production, including electrical engine by own efforts. As a test area of particularly this tractor he offered his farmland.

Photos - Administration of the President of Republic of Belarus“SB Belarus Today”.