65 years ago serial production of wheeled tractors started at MTW

14 october 2018

On October 14, 1953, the first wheeled tractor of its own design – MTZ-2 "Belarus", which marked the beginning of the school of Belarusian tractor construction, rolled off the factory assembly line. From the creation of the prototype (1949) to the manufacture of the production model, four years passed.

The firstborn was handed over to the collective farm "Bolshevik" of Kopyl district. Saveliy Mironenko, mechanic of the collective farm worked on this machine for 17 years. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Minsk Tractor Works, it was decided to find the first MTZ-2 and return it to the enterprise, which was done. And Savely Mironenko in exchange got a brand new MTZ-50. So, on April 16, 1971, MTZ-2 made its last furrow in the field, and in May, on the eve of founding of “MTW”, the tractor was already installed on a pedestal, and so it faced the tractor manufacturers at the factory entrance for several decades.

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Minsk Tractor Works, the monument was restored and carried to the square created next to the enterprise. Now the tractor manufacturers’ firstborn is the main attraction of the 70 years MTW square. Here they present awards to the best tractor manufacturers, official photo session of foreign delegations, visiting the enterprise, is held, and solemn events take place. And it is also a tribute to the memory of the first generation of tractor manufacturers, a contribution to the preservation of good traditions. After all, the strength of the collective of Minsk Tractor Works is in the cohesion and development of the best that was and is in the history of the enterprise.


We quote the newspaper "Tractor" number 81 for October 17, 1953:

“On October 14, at the end of the working day, workers, engineers, technicians and employees of all the workshops and services of the plant gathered at the main conveyor of the tractor assembly workshop No. 2. They came here to mark a significant event in the life of the plant – the beginning of the production of wheeled tractors.

The conveyor is moving slowly. Everyone is looking forward to the first tractor to roll off it. There was a roar of the motor. The tractor moved off. Behind its steering wheel is the best tractor driver of the experimental workshop comrade Velichkin. The tractor drove around the building and stopped at an improvised tribune.

On the podium is stakhanovets, assembly fitter of the tractor assembly shop No. 2, comrade Markevich.

“Today we together with the whole country,” he says, “ are experiencing a joyful event. Our firstborn rolled off the assembly line – a row-crop tractor “Belarus”. “Belarus” tractor is the brainchild of a many thousands team of our plant, it is the result of joint work of designers, technologists and us, workers. The Belarus tractor is our working gift to collective farm agriculture. Our “Belarus” will drive the fields of the country, and the collective farmers of Belarus, Ukraine and distant Siberia will speak well about its creator – the team of our plant.”