Arrival of "Belarus-3522.5" to the "Dowerin Field Days" created a furor

28 august 2015

The Annual International Agricultural Exhibition "Dowerin Field Days" was held on 26th and 27th of August. This show with a 63-year history and status of the largest event in Western Australia is also called as National Days of Agriculture. This summer tractors of our mark were presented among its exhibits.

At 10.00 a.m. on the day of the official opening in Perth a 355-heavy "Belarus" tractor escorted by security has entered an exhibition area and accompanied by enthusiastic glances of visitors proceeded to the exposure of machines of Minsk Tractor Works.

As Daria Krakasevich a marketing specialist of Board for Product Promotion and Sales in foreign countries said, "Belarus-3522.5" tractor reached an Australian port two days before the show and due to efficient work of port staff and a local partner company of MTW in Australia - «Diverse Engineering (WA) Pty Ltd. » literally went off the boat and into the party."

By the way a spectacular appearance of our machine at the "Dowerin Field Days" was supported by high level of performance of the exhibit. Machinery arrived in Australian port did not require additional preparation. Receiving party marked a worthy quality of "Belarus" tractors and coordination of actions of our enterprise services. Australian partner expressed a hope that relations with MTW will be based on the same high standards in the future.

This positive evaluation is a service of employees of the plant divisions: corps of tractor assembly, tractor finishing and painting shops, Board for product promotion and sales in foreign countries, preservation and packaging shops, Board of sales and customs clearance, mechanical assembly production including shop No. 94 and others. Their effective and well-coordinated work ensured a success of "Belarus" tractors exposure in Australia, which now is of strategic importance for promoting and popularizing of tractors with our mark in this country.

In January of this year "Belarus" tractors sailed to Australia for the first time in eight years. By the time of the said exhibition MTW delivered to the address of its new partner on the Green continent a few test batches of tractors including models of 952.5, 1221.5, 321, 622, 3522.5. A decision about participation of machines with our mark in the "Dowerin Field Days" this summer was made taking into account an existing interest of local farmers to buy MTW tractors.

In August, 2014 the company «Diverse Engineering (WA) Pty Ltd.» with the support of Minsk Tractor Works took part in the last year's show. Machinery of MTW was not presented there, but branded promotional products of the enterprise were introduced that allowed to introduce the brand "Belarus" to potential buyers and also to see good prospects for return of our tractors in Australia.

It is worth noting that tractor market of the Green continent is characterized by a high level of competition. Customers are able to select equipment of leading global manufacturers. Over 35 tractor brands by most power categories present in the Australian market. In recent years the number of tractor models sold in the country has increased by more than one-half.

Result of MTW participation in the "Dowerin Field Days" in this year allows to build real plans to return Belorussian mark to the Australian tractor market.

Source - Belarus-MTW Review