Bobruisk tractors “Belarus” were shipped to West Africa

29 june 2015

At the beginning of June of the present year compact tractors “Belarus” manufactured by JSC “Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units” (JSC "BZTDiA", Bobruisk, Belarus) were shipped to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for the first time.

The first batch of tractors shipped to the Mauritanian partners consisted of four tractors “Belarus-321”. This delivery resulted from the close and effective cooperation with the company «MTZ-Serviss», which has launched a program to promote compact tractors "Belarus" in the market of Mauritania.

Mauritania became the third country of the African continent where tractors produced by the Bobruisk tractor manufacturers were supplied. Previously tractors with the mark “BZTDiA” have been shipped to customers in Algeria and Ghana.

Tractor “Belarus-321” is a modification of the utility tractor “Belarus-320.4” structurally characterized by the absence of cabin and small changes in the power train. The tractor is equipped with 36 h.p. Lombardini 3LDW engine, two driving axles and multiple-speed gearbox providing maximum adaptability tractor operation under different operating conditions.

Mauritania became the 45th country of the world where Bobruisk tractors were shipped, starting in 2007 when their production was started at the JSC "BZTDiA".

It is expected that already in July a container with the first tractors "Belarus" will reach the port the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott.