“BELARUS” tractors are shown in Kaunas

31 march 2015

Exposition of “BELARUS” tractors could be seen in the Lithuanian city Kaunas. Minsk Tractor Works participated in the International Agricultural Exhibition "That you will seed... -2015."

This show as an annual project traditionally held in Kaunas, and traditionally our enterprise was among its exhibitors. This spring MTW participated in the exhibition jointly with JSC “Agrodetale”, an entity of commodity distribution network of the plant in Latvia, and presented eight “BELARUS” tractors. Five of these exhibits were prepared by the partner of the plant. There were tractor models 422, 622, 952.5, 1025.5 and 1221.5. MTW with advertising mission delivered “Belarus” 3522.5, 1523.6 and 2122.6 tractors to Kaunas. The two latter are equipped with Stage-4 engines complying with forth Stage of ecological requirements of European Directives.

Source - Belarus-MTW review