500 «Belarus» tractors will be sent to Cuba

15 june 2015

During the visit to this Latin American country the management team of MTW agreed on delivery of Belarusian machinery. The contract for 13 million USD was signed. The Parties agreed to continue a close cooperation in the field of machine manufacturing. Signing of the next set of documents in the amount of 7 million USD is under preparation in the near-term prospect.

Alexander Kazakevitch, Deputy Marketing Director for Commerce in International Markets - Head of the Department of "Minsk Tractor Works":
There is an interest to the countries of Latin America and Eastern Asia, in other words to those countries where the presence of "Belarus" tractors is a single nature or negligible. Therefore our enterprise sets the task to enter new markets or secure those where our share is negligible.
We work hard to be worthy of delivery.
Our experts often visit Latin America to fulfill in full those agreements that were reached at the distance. Face-to-face contact has not been canceled.
Countries of Africa can be prospective regions for us. Egypt is traditional market for us, where we have opened the Trading House this year. We try to enter into sufficiently new markets for us: Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Today MTW supplies its machinery to more than 80 countries of the world. Minsk Tractor Works also has long-standing relations and annual contracts with Cuba. In this case the matter is to consolidate the market of Latin America and enhance cooperation with a number of states of the region. Among constant partners of MTW are Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile.