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Chairman of Council of Ministers of the USSR, I. Stalin and executive officer of Council of Ministers of the USSR J. Chuzaev signed a historic decree of the Soviet government № 1142 “On the construction of Minsk Tractor Works”, which obliged the Ministry of Agricultural Engineering of the USSR and Council of Ministers of the BSSR proceed to the construction of Minsk Tractor Works with the capacity of 50 crawler tractors per day with diesel engines of 37 horsepower, launching them in 1948.


Plenary session of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) identified priorities of boosting and developing agriculture of the country in the last period, the construction of Minsk tractor works was proclaimed an All-Union shock-work construction.

The first issue of the combined large-circulation newspaper “Tractor” got out. It has become a true chronicle of analytically verified plans and programs, glorious patriotic achievements and spiritually rich life of Belarusian tractor builders. Journalist Mikhail Yegorovich Kusov became the newspaper’s first editor.


In the diesel workshop, the first automatic processing line of the motor head was installed. In October - November, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Automotive Industry of the USSR with the participation of Academician Ye.A. Chudakova reviewed and approved the design of the wheeled tractor. By the 31st anniversary of Great October the first starting motor was assembled.


June 18 the assembly of the first sample of the wheeled tractor of plant design was completed in the experimental shop. Chief designer of Minsk tractor works Ivan Iosifovich Drong proposed to assign the new machine a noble and glorious name “Belarus”, under which it began its journey on Earth.


On November 4, on the eve of the 33th anniversary of the Great October Revolution tractor builders presented a gift to Motherland – the first tractor “Kirovets” (KD-35). This first victory was the start of serial production of crawler tractors. That year, Minsk tractor works was put into operation.


The first skidding tractors “KT-12” rolled off the main production line of the works.


On October 14, the first wheeled tractor of “Belarus” family MTW-2 with the capacity of 36 horsepower rolled off the main production line.


In January, the first samples of a wheeled tractor “Belarus” MTW-5, as well as skidders TDT-40 and TDT-60 were manufactured.

In May a serial production of skidder tractors TDT-40 started.

The first samples of experiment diesel “D-50” were manufactured, the new tractor exceeded the capacity of its predecessor by 10 horsepower, became 350 kilograms lighter.


In connection with the production of the 50 thousandth tractor the staff of the enterprise received a greeting from the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the BSSR.


On May 5, the 1 thousandth belarusian tractor rolled off the main conveyor.


Mass production of the first generation wheeled tractors “Belarus” is completed by МТW-5С/МС machines.

MTW-50 tractor successfully passed state testing.


June 22, the 200 thousandth tractor was assembled and broken in on the main conveyer.

In October a new main assembling conveyer was put into industrial operation.

All-Union Association “Traktoroexport” was based. Since the beginning of its large-scale operation all the Soviet wheeled and crawler tractors were sold abroad under the symbol “Belarus”, which indicated their global prestige and high competitiveness.


The first production machine МТW-50PL — a transitional model of “Belarus” tractor rolled off the main conveyor, a non-stop transfer to the production of new machines was carried out.


The team of Chief Structural Engineer department designed, of pilot production shop produced the first samples of MTW-80 tractor with the capacity of 90 horsepower.

Minsk Motor Plant – a specialized enterprise of diesel engines came into service.

On August 10, the 300 thousandth tractor “Belarus” rolled off the main conveyor of Minsk Tractor Works.


Mass production of “Belarus” МТW-52 tractors started.


March 23, the 400 thousandth tractor “Belarus” rolled off the main conveyor of MTW.

In April a ceremonial opening of Minsk tractor workers’ palace of culture took place.



A scientific and research center was set up at Minsk Tractor Works.

For achievements in the implementation of the Seven-Year Plan, the creation of new machine designs and introduction of new technology the works was awarded the Order of Lenin.

In August the 500 thousandth belarusian tractor was assembled on the main MTW conveyor.



For great achievements made by the teams in performing tasks of tractor production and creating designs of high-performance machines for agriculture, Minsk tractor works of the Order of Lenin, was awarded the Order of October Revolution.


For great achievements made by the teams in performing tasks of tractor production and creating designs of high-performance machines for agriculture, Minsk tractor works of the Order of Lenin, was awarded the Order of October Revolution.

On November 5, an assembly of the 1 millionth tractor started at 11.45 a.m on the main conveyor.


The first experimental tractors of “Belarus” MTW-80 family were assembled, which were much more powerful than MTW-50 machines and 30% more productive.

Belarusian MTW-80 tractor was successfully tested at the University of Lincoln (USA, Nebraska).


The State Committee on Science and Technology of the USSR in its decision recognized MTW-80 “Belarus” tractor the best machine of the year.


The Council of Ministers of the Belarusian SSR in connection with the 30th anniversary of Minsk Tractor Works awarded it with the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.


Experimental cultivating tractors MТW-100 and МТW-102 were manufactured, as well as sample machines for cultivating of vegetable crops, melons and gourds МТW-81 and МТW-82, their models for cultivating of rice МТW-82P and cotton МТW-80X/М.


Another large labor victory of belarusian tractor builders: the 2 millionth tractor of “Belarus” family rolled off the main conveyer of Minsk tractor works.


Presidium of People's Great Khural of the Mongolian People's Republic awarded Minsk tractor works with the order “Polar Star” for long-term supply of high-quality products to the MPR.

Over the period from 1971 to 1985 MTW produced 1,319,706 of tractors “Belarus”, including 13,826 machines above the target.


Pilot production shop turned 40 years old. Over that period it produced more than 800 samples of “Belarus” tractor. There they began their journey to the factory, departmental and state tests.

The construction of a new modern health centre of Minsk tractor works started.


Mass production of an МТW-05 two-wheel tractor started.


The secretary general of the CPSU Central Committee, the USSR President M.S. Gorbachev visited Minsk tractor works.

Mass production of МТW-082 four-wheel mini tractors, as well as МТW-06 two-wheel tractors started.


The visit of Minsk tractor works by the President of the Republic of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko.

June 8, the 3 millionth tractor rolled off the main conveyer of the works.
The enterprise started production of МТW-210/200 and МТW-082 small tractors.


May 29, belarusian tractor builders celebrated the 50th anniversary of Minsk tractor works.

By that day Belarusian stock of tractors numbered about 100,000 machines, in the CIS — every 2nd tractor was “Belarus”, more than 500,000 of MTW machines were exported to far-abroad countries.

Three ranges of tractor machinery were formed: small-sized (6 – 35 hp), universal (55 – 120 hp) and general purpose (120 – 210 hp).


“Belarus” tractors of series 800, 900, 1000 received the UK quality certificates № 001, 002, 003. That year the team of belarusian tractor builders manufactured half again as many tractors as all the CIS tractor works.


During the negotiations of government delegation in Yugoslavia an agreement was reached on the establishment of assembly operation of Minsk tractor works in this country.


The enterprise expanded its geography of product deliveries to world markets. “Belarus” tractors appeared in Mauritania, Yemen, Sudan.



Developing foreign markets MTW was the first among tractor manufacturers in the CIS to certify all the produced tractors to meeting European Union standards in Silsoe institution (UK). In early May 2000 our enterprise has obtained an ISO-9001 certificate of conformity for tractor design and manufacture. And it means that the quality system, established at MTW, meets the requirements of international standards.

It was also confirmed by the results of certification audit, performed by TUV-Thuringia (Germany).


Pukhovoy Alexander Alekseevich was appointed director general of PO “MTW”, director general of RUE “MTW”.

Assembly line of “Belarus” tractors was opened on the basis of joint stock company Plant Leninskaya kuznia of “Ukrprominvest” concern in Kiev.


Two test samples of “Belarus MTW-2822” tractors — the most powerful machines of the wheeled tractors series (280 hp) were produced at Minsk tractor works.

LLC “Torgovyj dom MTW-ElAZ” was established in Elabuga (Russia).


The 1 millionth MTW-52 tractor, which was issued at the enterprise in 1972, was restored. All the components and parts of the machine were completely replaced. They were specifically made in the MTW pilot production shop because that model was no longer produced at the works. There was an inscription “The second life — to the 1 millionth. 1972-2004.” on the hood of the updated cabin.

Minsk tractor works began production of tractors with engines certified to the standard “Euro-2”.

Minsk Gear Works with a branch in Lepel, Gomel works “Hydraulic actuator” with branches in Narovlia and Khoiniki, Mozyr machine-building plant formed parts of PO “MTW”.

Two collective farms in Logoysk region were joined to Minsk tractor works and became agricultural workshops of RUE “MTW”. Afterwards they were united in one shop — “Gayna”.


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the personnel of PO “Minsk tractor works” with a great labor victory — the production of the 40 thousandth “Belarus” tractor in 2005.

A sample of heavy-duty tractor of 360 hp was manufactured at Minsk tractor works.

A new MTW-2022 high-power tractor of 210 hp was then labeled “Gold quality status”.


Minsk tractor works celebrated its 60th anniversary. For outstanding achievements in economic development the enterprise was awarded Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus.

A manufacture of a test sample of “Belarus” heavy-duty tractor of 450 hp, unparalleled anywhere in the world, was confined to the anniversary of the works.

December 28, the 50 thousandth machine, assembled from the beginning of 2006, rolled off the main conveyer in the first shift at RUE “MTW”. The President of Belarus Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko congratulated the RUE “MTW” team on this momentous occasion.


The first sample model of “Belorus-2822DTS” of 280 horsepower with a German engine “Deuts”, that meets the requirements of ecological parameters Tier 2A, was assembled. The tractor successfully passed parametric and endurance testing.

Commodity distribution network of our enterprise abroad was expanded. Proprietary network entities in Romania and Bulgaria, new assembly plants in Kazakhstan and Russia were established.

In June, the quality management system of RUE “MTW” successfully passed the re-certification for compliance with STB (Standards of the Republic of Belarus) ISO 9001-2001 requirements in national certification system and in TGA system (Germany), as a result the validity of the certificates was extended until 2010.

Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus awarded prize for the achievements of RUE “MTW” in the field of product quality.

That year the work on preparation for the introduction of occupational safety management system based on international standard OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) — 18001 and national standard STB-18001 was being done at RUE “MTW”.


Bobruysk works of tractor parts and units began assembly of 422 and 622 “Belarus” tractors.

October 11, 2008 an assembly plant of MTW was opened in Bishkek. “Belarus” tractors of model 82.1 were being assembled.

October 2008. Minsk tractor works specialists brought a large gold medal from the Russian agroindustrial exhibition “Golden Autumn”, held in Moscow. Our enterprise was awarded with the medal for its development and organization of mass production of “Belarus-3022” wheel tractor.

In February the selective-travel traction assembly unit SH-446 was manufactured and placed on testing. A test sample of KL-408 ice harvester was developed, which was designed to clean and fill closed ice arenas with ice.

An angle blade crawler tractor “Belarus-1502-01” for land-reclamation purposes was manufactured.


The presentation of innovative model of “Belarus-3023” tractor was made at Minsk tractor works. MTW was among the winners of Europe's largest agricultural show “AGRITECHNICA-2009” having created “Belarus-3023” tractor with continuously variable electromechanical transmission. Experts valued the new development of our enterprise, awarding it with a silver prize.

MTW developed the new tractor with a continuously variable electromechanical transmission jointly with the Russian holding “Ruselprom”, one of the largest manufacturers of electric machines. The power electronics and electric drives applied at the machine are made at the enterprises of the concern.

At the awarding ceremony of the winners of International specialized exhibition “AGRITECHNICA” in Hanover president of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) Karl Albrecht Bartmer handed a silver medal to the engineering director of RUE “MTW” — deputy director general in charge of PO “MTW” development Igor Emelyanovich and to principal designer of PO “MTW” — director of research and development centre RUE “MTW” Ivan Uss for the innovative solution of “Belarus-3023”. It was the first time in the entire history of “AGRITECHNICA” that the manufacturer from CIS countries has won such a high award.

“Belarus-3023” was recognized as one of the best innovations presented at “AGRITECHNICA”, not only by expert committee of DLG, but also by competitors and consumers.

October 12, at XI Russian agroindustrial exhibition “Golden Autumn”, held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow, “Belarus-1221” tractor was pronounced the winner of the contest on the best agricultural machine 2009.


February 2010, it was decided to manufacture an experimental batch of “Belarus-3522” tractors with a capacity of 355 horsepower that year at Minsk tractor works.

May 2010 — during the official visit of the governmental delegation of Belarus in Tatarstan a ceremonial opening of an assembly plant “Belarus” 3022 DTS.1 in Yelabuga region took place.

2010 — the creation of innovation MTW “Belarus 3023” with continuously electromechanical transmission.

July 2010, the manufacture of MLPT 354M1 forest machines for the Ministry of Forestry of the country and for “Bellesbumprom” concern.

October 15, 2010 a ceremonial opening of the assembly line of “Belarus” tractors took place in the Romanian city Regin.
The work designers developed MLPT-471 forest load-haul-dump machine.

Minsk tractor works expanded a product line of machines. An experimental-industrial batch of tractors of model 3522 of drawbar category 6 and with a capacity of 355 horsepower was produced and launched.

In 2010 a number of tractor models for developing countries were manufactured at the enterprise. Those were “Belarus” tractors of models 311, 511, 512, 911, 912.

Mozyr machine-building plant started the production of crawler tractors of model 1502.


May 29 the team of RUE “Minsk tractor works” celebrated its 65th birthday.

June 2011 as part of implementation of the State Scientific and Technical Program “Machine building” a “Belarus-2422” general purpose wheel tractor of drawbar category 4 with a capacity of 212 horsepower was designed at Minsk tractor woks.

October 2011 the representatives of Minsk tractor works brought a gold medal and Peasants’ Choice Award from Moscow. One of the results of our participation in the VI International specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery “AgroTech Russia – 2011” which was held in Moscow as part of “Golden Autumn”, became the highest award of the sample. The organizers of the show awarded MTW with a gold medal for the development and implementation of “Belarus-3522” tractor of class 5 into mass production. “Peasants’ Choice Award” for the victory in the nomination “Best Tractor 2011”, earned in a quiz-contest “Best agricultural machine 2011”, once again proved national recognition of technology of our brand in the Russian territory. That year, "Belarus" of model 82 became the best tractor in Russia.


During International Exhibition of agricultural and garden equipment EIMA INTERNATIONAL 2012 held in Bologna (Italy) from 7 to 11 November 2012, RUE Bobruisk works of tractor parts and units was awarded with the prize of LOMBARDINI KOHLER COMPANY “For best sales growth in 2012”.

Volchok Vladimir Fedorovich was appointed director deneral of PO “MTW” – director general of RUE “MTW”.


June 28 the 10 thousandth “Belarus-622” tractor rolled off the main conveyer of RUE “Bobruysk works of tractor parts and units”.


RUE “MTW” was reorganized into OJSC “MTW”.


Development and implementation of the corporate identity of Minsk Tractor Works was created. There was a sharing of the scope of use of the logo "MTW" and «BELARUS», the first is used as a plant brand, the second – as a brand of products.

May 14, at noon, the thousandth high power tractor “Belarus-3522” rolled off the assembly line of shop No. 94.

May 19, 2015. The President of the Republic of Belarus Lukashenko A.G. visited Minsk Tractor Works.

May 28, during the official visit of the delegation of our Republic in Pakistan a ceremonial opening of an assembly plant of Belorussian tractors took place in Karachi. The first tractor rolled off the conveyor was "Belarus-510".

The new versatile tractor MTW was presented at the exhibition "Sahara-2015." Tractor "Belarus 350" is presented in two versions - front non-driving axle and front driving axle.

In June, compact tractors "Belarus" manufactured by OJSC «Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units" were first shipped to Australia.

September 11, a shop «Belarus» of corporate chain of "MTW-HOLDING" was opened.

"Belarus 82.1" tractor - "The Best Tractor of 2015" in Russia. The machine is recognized as the winner of "The Best agricultural machine of 2015" within the framework of an open competition of the Department of Science and Technology Policy and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.


May 26 opening of the square "70 years of MTW." In the park are placed: branded structure, with plant awards - the Order of Lenin and the Order of the October Revolution, the first tractor MTZ-2, a children’s playground and a skateboard zone are build up.

On May 29, 2016 Minsk tractor works celebrated its 70-year anniversary. In the days of the anniversary celebration of Minsk tractor works, a parade march of tractors passed through the streets of the city of Minsk.
Also in the festive events for the first time an open day was held, thousands of people visited the plant: veterans, schoolchildren, students, holiday guests, families of workers.
A genuine keen interest was aroused by the exhibition of all models of tractor equipment, a visit to the tractor assembly building, and children riding on tractors through the territory of the enterprise.

On September 22 to the Day of Mechanical Engineer in the square "70 years of MTW" the exposition of holding MTW-HOLDING was opened.

In November, in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, with the participation of Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Kobyakov A.V. the assembly production of MTW equipment was opened.

On November 4, the company store of the Trading house “BELARUS” was opened in Smorgon.

On November 7, 2016, a presentation of the new, most powerful tractor model “BELARUS-4522” took place on the Prizavodskaya Square of Minsk tractor works. The combination of a powerful engine, modern transmission, selection systems, power, mounted systems, comfortable cab, suspension system allows the use of the BELARUS-4522 tractor in the most demanding and energy-intensive work in modern agriculture.

In December
The workers of the Minsk tractor works were awarded high state awards for many years of fruitful work, exemplary performance of official duties and high professionalism.
Order of Honor awarded to:
- Artyushevskaya Lyudmila Vladimirovna - operator of machine tools with program control;
- Zaturanov Sergey Nikolaevich - adjuster of machine tools and manipulators with program control;
- Strizhevsky Nikolay Mikhailovich - electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines.
Medal "For Labor Merit" awarded to:
- Anatoly Avdey - steelmaker of the electric furnace of the steel plant;
- Tatiana Zhibul - painter of the machine shop №2;
- Sergey Sanikovich - operator of machine tools with program control of machine shop No. 4;
- Leonid Yushkevich - electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of the machine shop No. 5.

On December 13, the first exhibition of the Museum of Minsk tractor works was opened, which demonstrates the history of the establishment of the enterprise in 1960-80.

On December 30, an unusual pre-New Year event was held at the central entrance. Factory workers who arrived on the first shift, arranged their cars in the form of a giant conifer tree. The autos turned out to be exactly one hundred, and the new tractor “BELARUS-1523” appeared as the main decoration.