Hydraulic manipulator

The hydraulic manipulator is designed for mechanization of handling operations with assortments, logs, full-length logs and other timbers.

Manufacturer: Joint Stock Company "Mozyr Machine Works".

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Load moment 75 kN·m
Max boom length, m 8,6 m
  • Technical characteristics
Load moment, kN·m 75
Max boom length, m 8,6
Rotation angle in horizontal plane, degrees 390°
Max boom lifting height, m 10,7
Max boom lowering depth, m 4,4
Rotation angle not limited
Overall dimensions in transport situation (length, width, height), mm 4500/1800/2400
Constructive Weight, kg 2400
Conditional sectional area, m2 0,35
Weight, kg 215
Full scale pressure, MPa 20
Operating fluid consumption, l/min 80
Specificity of the model

It is mounted on MAZ 6303A8 and MAZ 6317A8 short log trucks. Double telescopic boom extension is used in manipulator structure.

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