Hydraulic manipulator

The hydraulic manipulator is designed for mechanization of handling operations with assortments, logs, full-length logs and other timbers.

Manufacturer: Joint Stock Company «Mozyr Machine Works».

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Max boom length 7,2 m
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Type Sharnirno-rychazhny boom with the folding mechanism, hydraulic with the two-rack drive of the mechanism of turn of a column
Max boom length, m 7,2
Max boom lifting height 8,7
Max boom lowering depth, m 3,5
Rotation angle not limited
Maximum speed of lifting of loads by an arrow of the maximum length, m/s 0,9
The maximum angular speed of turn of an arrow in the horizontal plane, with-1 0,32
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 3700/1355/1800
Constructive weight/эксплуатационная, кг, не более 990/1000
Weight, kg 215
Conditional sectional area, m2 0,35
80 percent resource before the first capital repairs, h, not less 6000
Average time between failures of II and III groups of complexity, h, not less 750
Service life at an average annual operating time of 1000 h, years 10
The recommended pump parameters:
nominal productivity, l/min 60
max operating hydraulic pressure, МPа 21
rated power consumption, kW 23
Performance GM-50 GM-50-01 GM-50-03 GM-50-04
Control The lever The electrohydraulic The electrohydraulic The electrohydraulic
Quantity of sections of the distributor 6 6 7 6
Arrow angle of rotation 380° 180° 380° 380°
Description GM-50 GM-50-01 GM-50-03 GM-50-04
Load moment, kN·m 50 45 50 45
The greatest angle of rotation of an arrow in the horizontal plane 380° 180° 380° 380°
Admissible loading capacity on the maximum departure, kg 438 368 438 438
Specificity of the model

It is used in combination with various vehicles and machines applying in the forest industry: trailers, chipping machines, forwarders.

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