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Skidding tractor

The tractor is designed for collecting of assortments, full-length logs and trunks at felling area, forming of bundles and their skidding at sanitary felling and also for assortment stockpiling.

Manufacturer: "Mozyr Machine Works".

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Capacity 95,6 kW (130 h.p.)
Selective gear Mechanical
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8
Travel speed, km/h (operating/allowable travelling) km/h 30/8
Volume of a trelyuemy pack, minimum 5 m³
The greatest of average conditional pressure of wheel propellers upon soil of kPa 110
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Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 6380/2710/3005
The greatest (admissible) speeds of the movement (transport/working), km/h 30/8
The greatest of average conditional pressure of wheel propellers upon soil, kPa 1108
Engine ММЗ D-260.2 (Д-260.2С), 4-stroke, diesel, six-cylinder, with a turbo
Capacity, kW (h.p.) 95,6 (130)
Fuel rate at rated power, g/kW·h 233
Flywheel clutch dry, double-disk
Selective gear Mechanical, 4-speed, 6-range
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/8
Axle arrangement 4К4
Volume of a trelyuemy pack of m 3 , not less 5
Overall dimensions of a pusher (wight/height), mm 2092/897
Lifting height, mm 1195
Digging-in, mm 53
Rope length/diameter, m/mm 140/12
Quantity of places under chain choker 4

The tractor is delivered in the following complete sets:

  • TTP-411.1 — with the TAJFUN EGV 85 AHK winch;
  • TTP-411.1-01 — with the UNIFOREST 80EH winch.
Description ТТR-411.1 ТТR-411.1-01
Operated weight, kg 7070 7010
Trelevochny equipment TAJFUN EGV 85 AHK UNIFOREST 80EH
Draft Force, kN
the greatest (at a navivka of the first layer of a cable on a drum) 85 80
at a full drum 40 41
Specificity of the model

It is based on the "Belarus" L1221.1 tractor. It is equipped with enforced wheels, front driving axle with rigid beam, protective guards of cab, facing and bottom, pusher and winch TAJFUN EGV 85 ANK (Slovenia). Optional it's possible to install winch UNIFOREST 80 EN (Slovenia) instead of TAJFUN EGV 85 ANK. Single delivery of a set of processing equipment and protection guards.

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