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Skidding Tractor

"Belarus" TTR-401M skidding tractor is designed for collecting of assortments, full-length logs and trunks at selective felling and felling for thinning and also assortment stockpiling.

Manufacturer: "Mozyr Machine Works".

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Capacity 59,6 kW (81 h.p.)
Selective gear Mechanical
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/4
Travel speed, km/h (operating/allowable travelling) 20/8
Capacity 5 m³/h
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Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 5450/2320/2950
the Greatest (admissible) speeds of the movement,
(transport/working), km/h
Engine ММЗ D-243 (D-243С), 4-stroke, diesel, four-cylinde
Capacity, kW (h.p.) 59,6 (81)
Fuel rate at rated power, g/kW·h 235
Flywheel clutch dry, single-disk
Selective gear Mechanical, step-by-step, range
Number of gears FWD/BWD 16/4
Axle arrangement 4К4
Productivity (when skidding
on distance of 150 m), m3/h, minimum
Overall dimensions pusher, (length/width/height), mm 1225/1750/900
Pusher lifting height, mm 1100
Pusher digging-in, mm 150

The tractor is delivered in the following complete sets:

  • TTP-401M — skidding device TP30;
  • TTP-401M-01 — with trelevochny capture of ZT14;
  • TTP-401M-02 — winch TAJFUN EGV 45AHK;
  • TTP-401M-03 — winch TAJFUN EGV 55AHK;
  • TTP-401M-06 — skidding device PT50.
Description 401М 401М-01 401М-02 401М-03 401М-04 401М-05 401М-06
Operated weight, kg 4900 4800 4850 4900 4850 4900 5280
Trelevochny equipment skidding device TP30 Trelevochny capture ЗТ14 winch TAJFUN EGV 45AНK winch TAJFUN EGV 55AНK winch UNIFO-REST 40ЕН winch UNIFO-REST 50ЕН skidding device PT-50
Draft Force, kN 30 45 55 40 50 50
Rope length/diameter, m/mm 50/12 65/12, 80/11, 100/10 70/12, 85/11, 105/10 70/12, 100/10
Quantity of places under chain choker 6 6 4 6
Diameter of a trelyuemy switch, m 0,12 – 0,8
Specificity of the model

It is based on the "Belarus L 82.2" tractor, equipping with enforced wheels, front driving axle with rigid beam and protective guards of cab, facing and bottom, pusher and skidding device "Belarus" TP-30.

It is possible to supply a special set of processing equipment and protective guards.

Additional options
  • winch UNIFOREST40 EN (Slovenia);
  • winch TAJFUN EGV45ANK (Slovenia);
  • skidding device "Belarus" PT-50;
  • winch UNIFOREST50 EN (Slovenia);
  • winch TAJFUN EGV 55ANK (Slovenia).
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