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The tractor is intended for various agricultural works of general purpose, for main and preseeding tillage, sowing as part of wide-span and combined units, for harvesting works as part of high-performance harvesting complexes, for transportation works.

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Capacity 201 h.p./148 kW
Axle arrangement 4К4
Number of gears FWD/BWD 24/12
  • Technical characteristics
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Type In-line diesel engine with direct injection and turbo charge
Brand mark D-260.4S4
Capacity, kW/h.p.148 (201)
Rated speed, r/min 2100
Number of cylinders, pcs. 6
Displacement, l 7,12
Torque capacity, Н·m 920
Factor of torque backup, % 30
Fuel tank capacity, l 300
Transmission system
Flywheel clutch Dry, two-disk spring-loaded
Gearbox Mechanical, synchromesh
Number of gears FWD/BWD 24/12
Travel speed (forward/reverse), km/h 1,86-39,70/2,60-18,70
Back PTO shaft:
dependent I, rpm 540
dependent II, rpm 1000
Dimensions and weights
Length, mm 5230
Width, mm 2400
Cab height, mm 3120
Wheelbase, mm 2920
Wheel track, mm:
front wheels 1640-2190
rear wheels 1800-2500
Ground clearance, mm 540
Least turn radius (without braking), m 5,8
Operated Weight, kg 7400
Tyre sizes:
front 420/70R24
back 580/70R42
Hydraulic hitch system: Electrohydraulic system for automatic depth control of soil cultivation, with draft, position and combined control methods.
Loading capacity on an axis of hinges of the lower drafts, kgf 6500
Full scale pressure, MPa 20
Pump capacity, l/min 55
Hydraulics reservoir capacity, l 35
A/C/Front ballast weight/Additional ballast weight/Front PTO/Front lift linkage/Kit for rear wheels twinning.
Specificity of the model

Diesel engine complies with Stage lV according to emissions of hazardous substances, air conditioner, set for rear wheels doubling.

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